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The Themes 

  • Real Tin Palace Jazz Club

  • Theatre & Performance

  • Murder Mystery

  • New York City

  • East Village

  • Nightlife

The Experiences

  • Multidimensional

  • Modern

  • Suspenseful

  • Jazzy

  • Redemptive

  • Transcendental

  • Mysterious

Unique Selling Propositions

  • Fusion of jazz and opera

  • Original staging, world premiere and international touring opportunities

  • TV Opera production opportunity

  • Inspired collaboration between two contemporary award-winning artists: Composer Daniel Asia and Director/Choreographer Jonah Bokaer

  • Based on The Tin Palace, the legendary jazz club founded and managed by the librettist Paul Pines.

The Synopsis

The Tin Angel Opera, a new work of musical theatre, is a murder mystery set in The Tin Angel Jazz Club. It is inspired by the real-life Tin Palace, once a hotbed of New York City’s music, nightlife, and multi-dimensional social life. 


The production is anchored by Daniel Asia’s sublime music, which skillfully places the jazz-opera genre in the setting of a dramatic no-man’s land. Pablo Waitz, owner of the club, has lost his business partner, Ponce, along with the club’s cash reserves in a mysterious murder and drug deal gone awry. Outside on the streets, the dispossessed own New York City’s East Village, while inside, musicians, artists, cops, and hustlers, connect with the magical quality of the music.

Pablo’s lover and Ponce’s sister, Maria, while mourning the loss of her brother, wants them to leave the 70s squalor of the Bowery.

Pablo is driven to recover the lost money and solve the mystery of his friend’s violent death. Most of all, he desperately hopes to keep The Tin Angel alive. 


Pablo's late father, who survived the Holocaust, walks the Bowery battlements questioning his son’s dedication to this dissolute, shadowy world. His father is joined by Ponce, now also a troubled ghost, and both haunt Pablo.

The questions raised in this opera are timeless:


How do we find redemption? 

How do we make a life out of love and loss?

How do we keep hope and find light in absolute darkness?

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