The Themes 

The Experiences

  • Multidimensional

  • Modern

  • Suspenseful

  • Jazzy

  • Sinful

  • Mysterious

Unique Selling Propositions

  • Collaboration between contemporary composer Daniel Asia and choreographer Jonah Bokaer

  • Based on The Tin Palace, a real Jazz club once owned by Paul Pines.

  • Fusion of jazz and opera genres

  • Original Staging, and World Premiere opportunities

The Synopsis

The Tin Angel, as an originally composed work of music theatre, is a murder mystery, set within the Tin Palace Jazz Club, once a hotbed of New York City music, nightlife, and multi-dimensional social suspense. The production is anchored by sublime original music by Dan Asia, which skillfully places the jazz genre in the heart of a dramatic no-man’s land as its setting. 


Pablo Waitz, owner of the jazz club, has lost his business partner Ponce in a mysterious murder, along with the club’s cash reserves in a drug deal gone awry. Outside, the dispossessed own the streets of New York City’s East Village. Inside, an assortment of entrepreneurs and musicians, artists and gamblers, cops and hustlers, intermingle and are connected by the magical quality of the music.


Pablo’s lover, Maria, wants to leave The Tin Angel, and gives Pablo an ultimatum. But Pablo remains possessed by the drive to recover the deal, and uncover the underlying mystery of his business partner’s violent death. Most of all, he clings to the hope of keeping The Tin Angel alive.

In counterpoint, Pablo’s late father, who is a Holocaust survivor, walks the Bowery battlements, questioning his son’s dedication to this sinful shadow world. The father is joined by Ponce, in the form of a troubled ghost, who haunts the work in dramaturgy, and in music.


The questions raised by this opera are timeless:

How do we make a life out of love and loss? How do we recognizthe light in darkness that unites us all? How do we reconcile life, death, art, and the creative desire to remain?